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Jazz Lingo

by Polyphony

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Oh we start, our story 'mongst the stars Afloat, in the voids yawning throat I took to the sky as men take to the sea To escape from my life, from the man that I'd been S'now here we are, n'I admire my scars N'each is a piece of the story thus far I've one that was earned in the hull of a ship I was rocked by a blast, then by shrapnel was hit As I lay on my back, as blood dripped from my hip Still I grinned as this slipped through my lips Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is right Back where I'm from I was tired and meek I was bound by my doubts, and was too weak to speak But this gave me strength, Oh it shook me awake Back then all seemed barren, empty, and bleak -there was Naught to see Naught to be And what's left's not for me Here I stand, in command In control, my life held in my hands I've been waiting For the sun to kiss my sails and show me what's before us I'm at peace now, No more on my own, Though I'm lost Oh the sound of the waves How the ship shakes and sways All is calm as that sweet song Flows through the night and pulls us along Now my eyes fall on a solat'ry ship Its shields are down and it is well lit I bark a command at my men at hand The wand'rers know not that they're nearing the end of their world Oh, the people are shipwrecked The child alarms, and grips his mother's arm "Dear, we're safe here, I know it's cold, Somehow I swear we'll make it home." Oh, the lights, shining so bright, I count the stars. Mem'ries tell only who we were, But not who we're destined to be, I see myself stretched out on an infinite sea Watching, waiting, for clouds to part For some star to guide my way So much to be, oh, so much to see I won't pretend to be content So much to know, how I wish to grow I can't pretend that I'm content So much to be, so much to see I won't pretend that I'm content Nothing to show, where next to go I can't pretend that I'll repent Oh let me go, oh let me go The child groans I drag him along, singing a song As their ship blows As the flames glow, as the din grows As the night flows on We start, our story 'mongst the stars Afloat, in the void's yawning throat I prowl the bow, think on prizes just won Gladest of all for my new found son I suppress a grin, for the child is grim My crew sings my praise, oh what glorious din Silent night, holy night All is calm, all is right We sail through the stars as men sail on the waves And now I can't pretend that I'm ever content
Outside the snow is growing Flake falls on flake in this cold field For years it's born no yield And worn the winter as its shield And it is vast Ten-thousand yards, or so it seems But it ends at the trees The white is bordered by the green There at its heart There sits a single speck of grey A house worn down by age Let us now see what it contains Within its walls A room's alit by lantern light Though it is wrapped In mem'ries night A man sits at its center His body taught and sallow skinned His soul expression grim His heart is weighed down by his sins Oh what he's lost Oh what he once held in his hands Now only mem'ries stand Though they belong to far off lands There in the flames some shadows play They never shrink, nor fade away They merely dance before his eyes And sing a song of fonder times Oh how he wishes for his strength The will to move, the will to break Away from thoughts that bury him And so swell up in'ternal din Oh won't you say, won't you say what you want from me He calls at the walls yet they answer the same He chokes on his din, at the thought of his skin And he begs let me out, let me out, let me out He claws at his skin as he beats at the walls, As they beat at the walls, at the walls of his skull He howls at the house, at the window, the flame Wishing just once for something to change Silence sets in, morning begins Although it's cold here now It is himself he must forgive If from this house he lists to limp And as he looks now at the clouds He somehow knows the time is now And so the sun casts down its rays And slowly winter at last wanes He quickly stands, walks to the door, And opens it with feeble force He takes the first fresh step Upon the coat, that winter's left He feels a pull, albeit dull As the forest to him calls Come here, it's calm here I am cold Wanting, needing, the clouds to part For some star to guide my way It holds me back, I'm trying Can't you see I'm dying To feel this, once As I glance now o'er my shoulder I see that house doth smoulder I turn my eyes back to the pines And wonder at what paths they hide There, somewhere I am lost Hoping, begging For things to change For my scars to fade at last It keeps me down although I'm trying Just to try instead of lying Withered in a wretched pose My face a lit by n'ember's glow I'll live as if I've never lived I'll try as though I never have To feel it, once I know myself I must forgive If e'er my live I wish to live I'll find my shelter in the trees And leave behind foul memories I'll cast away the winter's shroud Which now casts down shadows of clouds The forest calls this heart of mine As I draw near the portal pine He enters
Oh the sound of the waves Pounds my ears s'I start to shake and sway And all of these years, I've harbored my fears And so my words catch in my throat I've no retort for all those gleeful jeers That said, I'm fucked in the head Wounded and wrecked, I prowl the deck My composure fixed, undaunted Though I'm truly often haunted Harrowed by my hopes and dreams My muted muse whispers a scream I am lost I can not feel my breath in my chest Always dreaming, never doing Seldom working, rarely trying Thoughts of effort, my endevor Yet my dreams I ne'er engender My lost muse in me is shaking My life's works in me are waiting T'someday find themselves created Though their birth is long belated I bite my once golden tongue So swallowing my songs unsung For fear my peers will me deride Einfach my words withdraw and hide With each footfall Echoing off the ship's steel walls I am deaf to My anguished muse's muffled calls Though I'm desperate To hear it's voice ring out once more But my regrets Bury it like a thousand stones Ever seeking, never finding Where in me my muse is hiding I am lost I can not feel my breath Inside my swollen aching chest As the sound of the waves Pulls me along I wonder If the world forgives my blunders Though their countless as the stars And fill the gap 'tween Earth and Mars It's the sound that my voice makes meekly It's the sound as my hand shakes As my words begin to trickle through Where are you, oh my muse? I hear it It's the sound of a ship as it shipwrecks Nowhere to dock, all hope is lost, nothing by rocks, nothing Hear you, feel you The vacuum of space extends embrace Mem'ries unfold, of me take hold Trapped in their midst my words are mist As nonsense sits on my lips Oh the thought, of creating naught, so sickens me It's enough to blanch my skin Coward I am find shaking my hands Just knowing that I may become nothing in life Wakes me, and shakes me, oh I have so much life to live All at once the world erupts My fears collapse at last Oh silent night, restore my mind Let stars align, just right Let them shine, cast down their light I can see, I can breathe I can think, I can feel My regrets, myriad And wicked, flee my brest My craven eyes are at last cast aside Where to go?, What to do? My thoughts race, as I face Fate's warm open embrace Now I hear my muse near Its voice rings sch?n und clear I finally find some closure Knowing my pain is over I now realize my words I held inside My chest is breaking Lungs on ribs are raking Voices, our voices Sing now as one My words, are our words It took too long for me to find them, divine them I rejoice, I crumble I shake and sway No longer wallow I've lived too much my life 'ther languid, or anguished Yet now I find at last such feelings extinguished I shake no more I want to hold onto you my muse You're the sound of the ship as it shipwrecks Standing on rocks, gath'ring my thoughts, regretting naught Nothing.



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released April 14, 2016


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Killer Tofu Records Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

A DIY label from the Lehigh Valley, PA area.

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